Case Studies
International Retail Clothing Company
A large international retail clothing company was not being serviced by their current carrier. BTO Logistics was able work with the client to reduce their cost by 33%. We streamlined their import process for samples and improved their shipping.
Government Supplier
A Government supplier was looking for support with their courier decisions. We took the time and worked with the client, analyzing the best service provider that would meet all the unique requirements and security they had concerning their sensitive documents. They had very specific needs which meant that multiple service providers would be required to meet their shipping challenges in multiple cities. Our experience working with different courier companies right across the nation allowed BTO Logistics the cutting edge advantage that the competition could not offer. After thousands of dollars in savings and implementing the right solution our client has a piece of mind that they have a partner that will be there 24-7-365 to help move their business forward.
Online Retailer
An online sunglass E-retailer was looking for a way to reduce their courier costs, allowing them to become competitive with larger online suppliers. BTO Logistics provided the pricing and service they required to meet their goals.
Large Service Industry
A large international service company did not have the services or rates their volumes should have received from other courier companies. BTO identified the higher level of service and lower pricing than what was being offered to them and we were able get them on track with what they needed to better control their costs. This cost savings allowed them to offer a more cost effective solution to their more than 50 offices and clients across Canada.
Clothing Manufacturer
A clothing company that experienced some challenging financial circumstances over the last couple of years found themselves unable to maintain their volume commitments with their past courier company. When they were unable to meet their set commitments by the courier company, they dramatically increased the rates to make up for lost volume. This left the small clothing company in an even more difficult situation with their clients. BTO was able get them back on track with the previous rates without fear of an increase.
Small Clothing Manufacturer
A small up and coming leisure wear manufacturer was over paying for courier services. BTO was able to save the client 29% on their courier cost while improving service and reliability.
Medical Industry
A mid-sized company in the medical industry was over paying for courier services. BTO was able to provide the customer with improved services and visibility while saving the client 28% on their courier costs.
Trade supplier
An aesthetics company was losing out on market share in the U.S because they were over paying for courier and brokerage services to this market. BTO Logistics was able work with the company to consolidate shipments, reduce the amount of import orders to the U.S between the courier and brokerage, therefore saving the client 34% on their courier costs.
Research firm
A Cancer research study was being completed across Ontario. Our client was looking for a way to get time sensitive blood and tissue samples back to the centrally located lab from various clinics across the province. BTO worked closely with the client to develop solutions that would be time efficient and cost effective.
Event Production Firm
A seasoned event and audiovisual production company was looking to improve on their current courier services while lowering their cost to their varied clients around the globe. They looked to BTO Courier to help them to meet strict delivery requirements and service needs.
Sports Equipment Manufacturer
A niche sports equipment manufacturer needed help with their courier services. To be competitive in their market they need a solution that was efficient and effective. They turned to BTO Courier to help with an online shipping solution that would make shipping, tracking, and accounting more effecient for their small business. BTO Courier was also able to save them on their shipping cost.
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