Frequently Asked Questions
Does the BTO Courier site maintain a copy of my credit card details?
The BTO site does not keep copies of the client's credit card details. The credit card information is entered in the shopping cart provided by the independent merchant or bank that services our purchases. The bank or merchant provides BTO with a "vault ID" which is unique to the client and can be used on the BTO site. This is the latest state of the art system to protect our clients and our system from being attacked.
Why should I ship through BTO Courier instead of going directly to a carrier?
Low volume users often don't receive money-saving discounts from the large couriers. By using our simple to use website the volume generated collectively allows BTO Courier to offer the low volume user the best rates in the industry. BTO Courier is the one-stop-site so you don't need to go to each carrier separately to compare rates and manage your shipments.
Should I call BTO Courier when there is a problem instead of calling the carrier directly?
You should always contact UPS directly first at 1-800-742-5877. If you are unable to get the results you need then reach out to BTO Courier for additional support.
Does BTO Courier offer Ground and Air service to and from Canada / USA and International?
At this time BTO is only offering outbound shipping from within Canada to all international destinations serviced by UPS.
How can I find out what my rates are?
Your rates can be found by logging into the BTO Courier website and entering your shipping details in the Get-a-Quote form. Once you have an account set up with BTO Courier your rates are automatically programmed into your "Get-a-Quote system and will always be visible once you place an online shipment.
How can I tell which services are available for a shipment I am preparing?
Your "BTO Courier" system allows you to view service level options. Once you have filled in your shipment information all available services will appear with the carrier, rates and transit times next to that service level. You can then choose the service you would prefer for that particular shipment.
What do I do if the driver does not come for my package?
If the driver is late you may call the courier company directly using their 800 number. You will find your shipment under history within the receipt. Find the pickup receipt number, quote that number stating that the courier has not picked up your package and they will send a driver at no charge.
Can I use my account from any location?
The BTO site allows you to ship from any where you like. Whether fromhome the office or across the counrty. Unfortunately at this time we do not allow the system to used outside of Canada but that day may be coming soon.
What documents do I need for an International Shipment?
You will need to enter your shipment in our shipping system to be able to print an international waybill. Be sure to complete the description and value and make three copies of the waybill. For any shipment other than documents or documents in a box, you will need a commercial invoice, which you can access from our system. You may also need a SED (Shippers Export Declaration). Other forms may be necessary depending on what and where you are shipping. For additional questions or concerns, please contact your Customs Broker or your BTO Courier Customer Service Representative to determine what paperwork you will need.
How do I calculate dim weight?
Simply enter the shipping details into the "BTO Courier" system and the dimentional weight will be calculated and displayed for you.

Dim weight for Express, Expedited and 3 Day Select are calculated as follows:

Length X Width X Height divided by 166 = Dim Wt.

For Standard

Length X Width X Height divided by 139 = Dim Wt.
Why am I unable to log in to your website with my username and password?
Check the spelling of your password, and check your case sensitivity. (i.e. check that your cap lock is not on etc.) If you still have problems please contact your BTO Courier customer care representative.
Can I insure my shipments? How do the rates compare to the courier companies direct?
Yes, The BTO Courier site allows you to purchase replacement coverage on all your shipments. You simply insert the value of you shipment and the system will calculate the cost of the coverage you have requested.
How is my information kept secure?
The BTO site uses the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layout) technology to protect our clients and the list of shipping addresses.
Are there any Areas in which I will be charged more because of the its rural location
All courier companies impliment extended area surcharges to remote areas. Any additional charges have already been accounted for within the BTO system.
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