True Quality

At BTO we bring a very personal approach to the solutions and services we provide.

We work hard to understand your business' shipping needs and how we can move them forward. We provide you with unmatched service and reliability with regards to your courier shipping. We identify the core areas to improve and implement the changes to create a more efficient and effective system. We recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the market and use that knowledge to your benefit.

We work tirelessly to find areas of savings, to create improvements and to provide service which will help you to allocate your resources back to core competencies.

Save time and Money

BTO Logistics is in business to save our clients time and money. We do this in several ways:

1. Effective Use of Services:

We work with our clients to understand the services they are currently using. In the majority of situations, we are able to identify areas where the correct services are not being utilized. We will work with your staff and train them which services will accomplish the task most effectively while ensuring cost awareness.

2. Better Buying Power:

We save you money by giving you access to rates that most companies would not be able to obtain by dealing directly with the courier companies themselves. The courier industry provides incentives based on volumes and dollars spent. We meet the volume requirements with the top courier companies thus giving us access to preferred pricing that we pass along directly to our clients.

3. Process Savings:

We save you time by identifying "bottlenecks" in your processes and help you to implement automation solutions that bring savings both in time and money.

4. Knowledge Is Power:

With our 20 years in the industry, we save you the time that your staff would need to understand the courier industry in a way that ensures your company gets the most value from your shipping.

Better Service

At BTO we believe that better service starts with some very basic ideas.

1. Support
"being there when you need us"

The first and most important part of service is simply being available. Automation has brought many powerful and time saving benefits except in the area of service. When you are in need of service or support, being able to reach someone or to know that you will get a response within a very short period of time is what makes you feel important. This is the most significant quality that we bring to our clients.

2. Knowledge
"over 20 years of specialization"

Coupled with being available, we have the knowledge to provide solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the courier and transportation industry, we have the ability to get you the answers.

3. Personal touch
"we care as much as you"

At BTO we believe that saving you money is important, but it is the service that makes the difference. If we do not bring you better service, solutions and savings, we do not deserve your business. That is the bottom line.
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